Plus 3 Degree e-Admission 2014 DheOrissa,in Important Dates

e-Admission for +3 Degree Course for the year 2014 starts from 7th June at 10 am , when the students can get the Online Common Application Form (CAF) from Website.

DHEORISSA Website +3 Key Dates

The Detail Schedule Date Sheet of Important Dates for the +3 e-Admission is listed below.
Please Print or Download the Dates for your reference till 31st July 2014 when the Classes starts .

(+3) e-Admission Datelines  2014-15
Sl#ActivitiesDate Lines
1Availability of Online Common Application Form (CAF) in the Higher Education Department website www.dheorissa.in07-Jun-2014 
(10:00 AM)
2Availability of Offline Common Application Form (CAF) at nearest SAMS Resource Centre College [SRCs List available in]07-Jun-2014 
(10:00 AM)
3Last date for applying online CAF through www.dheorissa.in21-Jun-2014 
(12:00 Midnight)
4Last date for applying Offline/Manual CAF at any SRC along with supporting documents & fees23-Jun-2014 
(05:00 PM)
5Last date of submission of Online applied CAF at any SAMS Resource Center (SRC) College.23-Jun-2014 
(05:00 PM)
6Last date for digitization of Offline CAF & Online CAF validation by SRCs in e-Space26-Jun-2014 
(05:00 PM)
7Publication of First Selection Merit List01-Jul-2014 
(11:00 AM)
8Admission of First Selection Applicants07-Jul-2014 to 10-Jul-2014
9First selection admission data updation by the colleges in their e-Space11-Jul-2014 
(05:00 PM)
10Publication of Second Selection List15-Jul-2014 
(11:00 AM)
11Admission of Second Selection Applicants19-Jul-2014 to 22-Jul-2014
12Second selection admission data updation by the colleges in their e-Space23-Jul-2014 
(05:00 PM)
13Publication of ST/SC Extension Seat selection list24-Jul-2014 
(11:00 AM)
14Admission of ST/SC Extension SeatFrom 24-Jul-2014 till Spot Admission 
15Publication of list for admission to Balance Seats (Spot) at colleges26-Jul-2014 
(11:00 AM)
16Last date of Registration for Balance Seat admission at Colleges29-Jul-2014 
(02:00 PM)
17Publication of merit list for Balance Seat admission (College Notice Board)29-Jul-2014 
(05:00 PM)
18Admission to Balance (Spot) Seats30-Jul-2014 
19ST/SC & Balance (Spot) Seat Admission data updation in e-Space31-Jul-2014 
(05:00 PM)
20Classes start for (+3) 1st year students31-Jul-2014 
21Admission for the students passed in Supplementary / Instant ExaminationWithin 20 days from the date of results publication 
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